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Anger Management, Newport Beach

Informative post, Thank you.

Anger Management Los Angeles

Prisons are really good locations to start. Thanks for sharing

Anger Management Classes Los Angeles

Anger management should implemented in many other areas, other than prisons.

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The Century Anger Management model utilizes the “8 Tools of Anger Control”. It is delivered using client workbooks, DVD’s, assessments, cognitive homework assignments between sessions, and other ancillary materials.

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The use of this model is a major step in our continued effort to establish the legitimacy and credibility of a program that has shown to be powerful and effective

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Anger. Everybody experiences it and everybody expresses it. Only some (1 in 5) people do it the "right way". But most people, however,do it the "wrong" way. The problem is not anger, per se. The "problem" is the mismanagement of anger. Anger is a natural and healthy human emotion when managed appropriately. But it can become the source of all kinds of various physical, mental, emotional, social and "legal" problems when not managed effectively. It is often a problem in one of these areas that brings a client in for counseling, either on a voluntary or a mandated basis. As counselors and mental health professionals, there are numerous and varied options for intervention. And, there are numerous and varied aspects that must be considered before selecting an appropriate intervention and treatment model.

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The expression of anger can (and does in fact) take many forms. Some of the most common (destructive and counter productive) means by which people seek relief from their anger include denial and repression, venting and verbally acting out (tantrums), resisting and suppression, seeking revenge, blaming and complaining, avoidance and withdrawing from the source of anger, sensual indulgence to the point of addiction, physical violence and so on. In our modern western culture, people are taught that while expressing other difficult emotions and feelings (e.g., anxiety, depression, confusion, etc.) is "acceptable", expressing anger is not. Hence, the nearly culture wide absence of the emotional skill (and intelligence) to effectively control our anger. As a nation, we are the most angry (and thus, violent) culture in the world. The destructive expressions and defensive expression of anger projects and rigidly fortifies one's egoic disposition and creates a false sense of security and "power".


Anger management can work, but the person going through the program has to be committed to getting better. Knowing he has a problem is a start, but it's much like people who smoke or drink too much and know they should quit--if they're not committed to correcting the situation, treatment is not likely to be very effective.

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I sincerely wish that my husband had got it when he was young. You will be so much happier if you take care of it now. If your Mom is not happy about it what better place to discuss it then in a safe supportive setting. Good Luck and bless you.

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Such a great article for read and this article teach many more thing.

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Anger management work for people health but people also should realize about their health that what thing would be harmful their health .


people should think about smoke and drink who is very dangerous for human health.

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Anger nature can be very harmful for a human because anger increase evil who inside you.

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Anger will increase evil in your human body who is very harmful for a human.


Great post shared by you. It should implemented in many other areas other than prisons. I like to read such types of posts.

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Great post.

Very interesting.


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